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Society of Digital Engineering Awards 2023


The Society of Digital Engineering awards are back! 

After last year’s success, it’s time for the industry to celebrate the best of digital. The fifth SDE Awards will be held at CIBSE Build2Perform Live on 6th December 15.30 in the Headline Theatre.

Entries close on 27 October 2023

We are now looking for entries from across the full spectrum of the built environment. This is a change from previous awards which have focused on Building Services specifically, we want to recognise the progress of digitisation across our whole industry. The awards look to recognise anyone who works in the built environment who is contributing to the digitalisation of what we do, where we live and how we experience it. That could be a technician, engineer, developer, designer, contractor, manufacturer or any group or team who are making a difference in their field, whether this is related to a project, innovation or individual’.

The awards will take the same format as in previous years. We will be accepting entries up until 27 October 2023, when we will start judging and we will make an announcement of the winners at this year’s Build2Perform on 6 December 2023 at the Headline stage. From all the category winners we will choose the Digital Champion of 2023. This will be the entry that our judges feel best exemplifies what the Society of Digital Engineering stands for and whose contribution to our industry deserves special recognition.


SDE Awards 2023

General Criteria for Entry


Entry to the awards is free and will be submitted on the relevant form via email, as detailed below. Each entry will be judged on both objective and subjective measures, so please provide data to support your application, as well as good descriptions of how a project or process was digitally enabled and provided tangible benefits.



These awards are to celebrate Digital Engineering in the Built Environment. The terms “Digital Engineering” and “Built Environment” are defined below:


Digital Engineering

The creation or application of software, processes and/or techniques that utilise data and/or geometry to create either better project outcomes or create efficiencies in either a project setting or the operations of a company or other organisation.


Built Environment

All forms of buildings (residential, industrial, commercial, hospitals, schools), all economic infrastructure (above and below ground) and the urban space and landscape between and around buildings and infrastructure.' Ref The Gemini Principles, Centre for Digital Built Britain, December 2018.



Entrants may nominate themselves or be nominated by a colleague or fellow project team member. If nominated by another, the application will only be processed with the express permission of the nominee.  

Unlss stated otherwise, no account will be taken of the size of organisation or project nominated. These awards are to celebrate digital innovation in all of its forms.



Applications will only be accepted by proper completion of the relevant entry form. Additional material may be supplied to support any individual application. The SDE cannot return any materials once submitted.

All applications should be emailed to, with a maximum file size of 10Mb. Any additional material that exceeds this size should be supplied by using a link to enable the download of said materials.



Judging will be by digital engineering building services professionals selected by the SDE. The judges will have no business connections with the entry to be judged. The criteria for each category will be laid out on the application form. The judges’ decision will be final.

Terms and Conditions

Entries must qualify for the period of eligibility as indicated within each category judging criteria.

The written part of the submission must within the word count as stipulated on the entry form.

The Society of Digital Engineering (and CIBSE) accepts no liability for any inaccurate information contained within the submitted entry as it is the responsibility of the applicant to provide accurate information.

Entrants giving false or misleading information will be excluded from the awards competition. If an award is given and it is subsequently found that the entry information is false or misleading, The Society of Digital Engineering (and CIBSE) reserve the right to withdraw the award.

The Society of Digital Engineering (and CIBSE) reserves the right to use entry material submitted in published form unless requested by the entrant not to.

Whilst you (or the licensors) continue to own the copyright in all works forming part of your entry, by submitting an entry you consent to our use of submitted photographic works in any publication, whether or not connected to the SDE Digital Awards, and you now waive all moral rights in such photographic works. We may allow third parties (e.g. journalists) to use such works for The Society of Digital Engineering (and CIBSE) purposes. If a third party owns the copyright in such works, you confirm that you have obtained their consent to our use and a waiver of their moral rights for these purposes.

By entering, you agree to a representative attending the awards ceremony, in London on <enter date here>, where the winners in each category will be announced and presented with a certificate. If no representative is available, The Society of Digital Engineering (and CIBSE) reserve the right to nominate a person to collect the award on your behalf.

Judges’ reserve the right, without prior consent of the entrants, to move entries to different categories if it is appropriate.

The Judges’ decision on all shortlisted entries and winners is final and no discussion or correspondence will be entered in to. Please also note that due to the high volume of entries received it is not possible to provide individual feedback for entries that are not shortlisted.

Entrants found to be resubmitting the same entry documents as a previous year will be excluded from the entry process. All entries must be completed on the individual category entry form for 2022 and any entries where the details provided are the same as a previous year will be excluded from the entry process. Any entries that include a process/project/product that has previously been entered must show how this process/project/product has developed since it was last entered and provide performance data to support this.